Friday, December 31, 2010

Wedding Invitation Search: Watermark Stationary & Epitome Papers

In between cake-tasting appointments, Jeff and I stopped in at a few wedding invitation stores. The first one was Watermark Stationary in Wayzata. It was a cute little store, and they had a good collection of invitation sample books. We looked through and found a few we liked. The people working there were really nice and helpful. Unfortunately, we didn't have a whole lot of time.

The second visit was to Epitome Papers in Edina. The store was cute. We looked through books again, though we didn't have a ton of luck.

Jeff and I have splurged on a few things at the wedding (band, photographer, videographer), so it other areas, we'll have to be a bit more thrifty. One of those areas is likely to be invitations. Jeff and I just don't feel that strongly about having all the extras - the fancy paper, the letterpress style, the ribbons and pockets. But I get the sense that when the stores hear that we're interested more in the lower end, they're a bit reluctant to show us things in the lowest price range. I think our plan, after having stopped in at a number of invite stores, is to start searching online, where you can find some much cheaper options. We'll order some samples to make sure we like them, but hopefully that will work out well.

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