Friday, December 3, 2010

Emily's Baby Shower

Another big activity over the Thanksgiving weekend was Emily's baby shower! Katie and I organized it together, and had it the Saturday after Thanksgiving at Emily's house.

The shower had a book theme, so everybody brought a children's book. The first thing we did at the shower was have everyone go around the room and say what book they had gotten and why. It was really cute! (I got "Green Eggs and Ham" by Doctor Seuss, because it was the first book I remember my mom buying for me, and then me being able to read on my own - and I loved it!)

We played three games. The first was the famous mothers quiz, which had twelve different clues, all of which had the word 'mother' in the answer. For example, "Mother of the Weather" was "Mother Nature," and "A Children's Game" was "Mother May I?" We did the quiz in groups of three, and one of the groups got every question right!

The second game we played was baby pictionary, in groups of five. I thought it was really fun - the clues were things like: crying, pasifier, blocks, bib, etc. The only thing was that it took about five seconds for people to guess the clues. I guess it's a big advantage in pictionary if you know that it's going to be something baby-related. If I did it again, I'd make the clues a lot harder.

The last game we played was the dice game, which my family always plays at shower. You sit in a circle and pass around pie plates with two dice in each. People roll the dice, and if they get doubles, they get to take a prize from the pile in the middle. When all the prizes have been taken, people open them, and then you pass around the dice two more times, and this time if you get doubles, you get to steal a prize from someone else.

After the games were over, we had desserts and Emily opened gifts. It was really fun to see all of the things she got - pretty much all baby stuff is adorable!

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