Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moving Day No. 4

Jeff and I ended up staying in Baltimore on Sunday night, so our final move (other than the one into our own apartment, which will be in January) was Monday morning. Now we're staying at Kris and Emma's apartment. They have a beautiful apartment, and live not far from our old apartment building, which makes things easier, because we know where everything is in the neighborhood. Also, Kris and Emma recently moved into this apartment and combined their things, so now they're getting rid of all their duplicate DVDs and books, and they offered them to us - so cool - especially because they have much of the same taste in movies... I'm happy to provide a loving home for their excess Battlestar Galactica DVDs...

We've actually barely been in the apartment, though, other than sleeping, because we have work all day and Space Christmas parties all night - but it's definitely nice to know you have a warm place nearby to go back to!

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