Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moving Day No. 2 and 3

On Thursday, Jeff and I continued our house-hopping. On Thursday morning, we packed up all of our things (again), but this time we left the bulk of them in Stephanie's basement for safekeeping until we get back from Minnesota. This is really convenient, because now we don't have to lug around the things we don't really need - like some of the papers we've accumulated, or the box of swimming suits that happen to be one of the few items saved from our apartment.

We moved out of Stephanie's place in the morning, and Jeff dropped off our carry-on bags at Jaisha's front desk. That way, when we came home from our adventure with Buzz, we could just get our things from the front desk and head up to her apartment. One thing we didn't quite figure out was what to do with Jeff's bike, so that ended up in Jaisha's kitchen for the night, which I think was ok in the end.

On Friday morning we did a complete pack-up once again (much easier now that we're down to just carry-ons, though) and left our things at Jaisha's front desk when we went off to do work (Jeff went to a cafe). Then Jeff picked up the bags in the afternoon, and met me at my office. We both worked there until around 4:30pm, and then we headed to the train station to catch the commuter rail to Baltimore to spend the weekend with his parents.

Only one more move left - from Jeff's parent's place in Baltimore to Kris and Emma's apartment in DC. We'll be there for three nights, and then we'll head to Minnesota. And when we get back in January, we'll move into a real apartment that's just for us!

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