Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NYC Weekend

Jeff and I spent the past weekend in NYC, and I wrote about some of it, but thought I'd fill in the gaps...

We got to New York after midnight on Thursday, but luckily Katie and Tom had already set up the inflatable mattress, so we were asleep in minutes.

On Friday, we mostly did work during the day, then Katie and I headed to the Kleinfelds. Afterwards, we went back to the house and made butternut squash chili (yum!) and Matt Carvey, Seth, and Thilmont came over. We watched the Victoria Secret fashion show, and then the boys all went out to a bar.

Saturday, we were mostly planning to do work, but then ended up spending most of the afternoon running around to get my wedding dress (worth it!). Then Jeff and I went directly to dinner with Jeff's parents.

On Sunday, we did our mandatory Pick-A-Bagel stop, and then headed to the bus!

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