Wednesday, December 29, 2010

City Hall Visit

Last week, on Monday, Jeff, my Mom, and I went to the City Hall again. We chatted with Tracey, who handles the wedding stuff there. She'll be there all day on the day of the wedding, making sure things go smoothly. We had a list of questions to ask her, and we went through the timing of the day.

We found out that there is no piano there, but it is possible to bring in a keyboard or other instruments. The musicians usually set up to the right of the stairs (from the perspective of those sitting in the chairs). They have a sound system, which pretty much everyone uses for a microphone at the front. (Musicians would bring their own sound system if they needed one.)

We asked her about how people had decorated in the past. She said most people do almost nothing, since there is so much natural decoration and architectural interest in the building. We may do flowers along the stairs or flowers hanging on the ends of the chairs, but that's probably it. You're not allowed to throw rice, flower petals, or anything like that because of the marble floors. And no candles for decoration (though a unity candle in the ceremony is ok).

There are two conference rooms - one on the second floor (the top of the big stairs) where the girls can get ready, and one slightly smaller one on the third floor where the boys can get ready. Both are right across from bathrooms, which is nice.

The building opens at noon, so we'll probably do hair and make-up somewhere else and then get to the building at noon and change into our wedding clothes. Then pictures for a couple of hours (from about 12:30 to 3pm). From 3pm to 3:30, we'll do some final touches in the 'getting ready' rooms, and then at 3:30, the ceremony will start! (The doors open at about 2:30 for guests to start arriving.) We're thinking the ceremony will be about 45 minutes long, and then Jeff and I will have a receiving line with just us and our parents, which will probably take a while (we're estimating 30 minutes). After that, the City Hall portion of the wedding will be over, and people will walk the three blocks over to the library.

I also took a few more pictures of the City Hall. Very Exciting that in a few months (150 days today!) we'll be having our wedding ceremony there!

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