Monday, December 20, 2010

Minneapolis Weekend - Friday

Jeff and I got into Minneapolis at about 6:30pm. My dad picked us up, and we headed into the city. My mom had a bunch of hotel points that were going to expire, so had she booked two hotel rooms for the weekend at the W Hotel in Minneapolis - the hotel in the historic Foshay tower.

My mom ordered pizza from Pizza Luce, which is a local pizza chain around Minneapolis. I hadn't actually had it before, but it was really good! We mostly just sat around chatting in my parents' hotel room and eating pizza. My dad is in his first year of teaching math at a high shool in Minneapolis, and this was his last day before the break. He told us about his classes, about bringing in cookies for the kids, and about the school assembly, in which some of the faculty did a school-themed version of the 12 days of Christmas. The song had lyrics like, "Five minor infractions" (the students wear uniforms, so this is things like not tucking in your shirt), or "A principle with a bum knee" (because their principal recently hurt his knee and is on crutches), there was also some lyric about "no dirty dancing," which my dad tried to demonstrate to us - I can see how the kids thought the song was pretty funny. Being a teacher seems like a tough job, but my dad is definitely adapting. About the cookies - he said that when he started passing out the cookies in class, one of his students asked if they were soft or hard, and then another kid said, "who even likes hard cookies?" And my dad said he was pretty happy that he had gotten soft cookies. Another crisis averted.

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