Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meeting with Videographer

Last week, Jeff and I met with our Videographer. We're working with Capture Studios, which is owned by Matt Brue. Calvin Brue will actually be the one filming at our wedding, but since he was out of town, we thought we'd meet with Matt. Just like our meeting with Noah, we spent a lot of time just chatting, talking about what Jeff and I do, what we have planned for the wedding, what's most important to us, etc. Though the focus, of course, is on Jeff and I getting married, in planning Jeff and I are focusing a lot on the fact that we're getting all of our friends together in one place, which is a very unique experience, and we're wanting the wedding to be very happy and fun - we want people to have a great time.

We told Matt, like we told Noah, that Jeff and I want to do a "first look" before the wedding ceremony, and do pictures before the ceremony. I think that both the first time you see your significant other on your wedding day (and the first time Jeff sees me in my dress) and coming down the aisle are both going to be very special, important moments, and I like the idea of separating them, so you can fully experience each. Also, Matt pointed out that if you see each other for the first time coming down the aisle, you don't have the opportunity to talk a little bit, or hug, or kiss - all of your reactions are in front of a crowd. I like the idea that Jeff and I can have a moment to ourselves when we first see each other on our wedding day. Plus, I'll probably cry. :)

Matt suggested that Jeff also consider a morning activity to do with the guys. The girls take quite a while to do hair and makeup and get completely ready, but the guys usually don't have all that much to do. He said a really fun thing is to take all the guys out and do something fun for the couple of hours while the girls are getting ready - I think that's such a great idea! Now Jeff is brainstorming ideas...

Matt told us about their style in filming - they are very much in the background, catching all the moments as they occur. They're extremely professional and responsible, but not pushy. There aren't any particular shots that they feel they "need to get," they just work with the way the wedding progresses. I think their style and attitude works perfectly for us. We're hoping to meet Calvin briefly at some point before the wedding, but in general, we're just really excited to work with them, and I'm sooo excited to see how the final video turns out - I think it will be amazing!

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