Monday, December 20, 2010

Making a Way to Minnesota

Jeff and I were supposed to fly to Minnesota on Thursday night at 8pm out of DCA airport. That day, DC got some snow. Specifically, it started snowing around 10am and stopped around 3pm, and over that time, we got about two inches of snow. I was watching the snow out my window, thinking it was really pretty. And then Jeff called to tell me that some of the earlier flights to Minnesota has been canceled (though ours was still ok). But then more and more flights got canceled, and eventually I got a phone call about our flight getting canceled. And that's the story of how a light flurry with only two inches of accumulation stopped us from flying to Minnesota on time. And it wasn't just the airport. There was another space holiday party scheduled for that evening, but that party got canceled "due to the weather." So... DC is pretty crazy.

We were reschedule for a flight leaving the next morning, but that one was actually late, too. Because of the delay, we were only going to have about seven minutes between landing and the takeoff of the connecting flight. The Delta people suggested we just go for it, because (according to them) there was a good chance the connecting flight would be delayed anyway. Nice. The connecting flight actually wasn't delayed, but Jeff and I ran to the connecting gate and were just about the last people on the plane, but we did make it!

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