Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Savvi Formal - Groom Tux Preview

There is a tuxedo store in Minnesota called Savvi, which offers a "Groom Free Preview." The idea is that brides spend lots of time trying on different dresses and choosing one, and that the groom should get the opportunity to try things on and think about different styles, too. There is a branch of the store really close to my parent's house, so we headed over there and did some trying. We looked at different tux styles and different combinations of vests and ties.

For tuxedos, the main differences in style come from the number of buttons, the shape of the lapels, and the fabric on the lapels. They said that usually people do two buttons, and that way you get to see a bit more of the vest and tie. As far as the shape of the lapel, notched is the most common. You can do a peak lapel, but it's much more formal. The fabric on the lapel can be either satin, satin lined, or there was another textured fabric they offered, which was a bit less formal. I think in the end, we decided we liked a two-button, notched lapel, that was all satin.

Another thing you have to decide is whether to do bowties or regular, long ties. Apparently, few people do bowties these days, and long ties are more popular, even for relatively formal weddings.

The other things you can vary are the color of the vest, the color of the tie, and the color of the pocket square.  The groom would have white vest, tie, and pocket square.

Yellow vests seemed like an aweful lot of color, especially when the jacket is off, so we were thinking maybe the groomsmen could have black vests and yellow ties and yellow pocket squares.

And the dads could have black vest, tie, and pocketsquare. (Or maybe a yellow pocket square). Not sure yet what the ushers would wear - maybe somethings similar to the dads.

We took lots and lots of pictures. I'm putting some in the blog, but if you want to see all of them, you can look at this album online.

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