Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Dreams are spreading...

I have wedding dreams pretty often - a lot of the time it's just mundane things, like continuing to do the same types of planning activities I'm doing during the day. I've also had lots of variations on the "Today is the wedding and we forgot X essential element." (Where X has been the food, the officiant, booking the location, or inviting people.) That dream usually ends either by me waking up or by someone saying that it isn't actually the wedding day yet, so maybe the best solution would be to just wait until the wedding day to have the wedding. Thanks.

In any case, I think it's pretty normal for me to have wedding dreams. And not too surprising that Jeff has them too. But I was surprised to find out the other day that one of my bridesmaids, Annette, has been having wedding-related dreams, too. (Maybe that means I'm going a little overboard in the frequency of my planning-update emails...)

Anyway, she had one dream where everyone in the wedding party had to get into tiny little wooden rowboats and float across a lake to some island where the reception was going to be.

And then she had another dream where we were getting the bridesmaid dresses tailored, and all of us girls went in and the tailor said to Annette, "Oh, we accidentally dyed yours blue, is that okay?" Apparently the dream Mariel was NOT happy about that, lol.

I love the fact that someone other than me is having crazy wedding dreams - I'm hoping it will make the actual wedding appear to go very smoothly (assuming I don't forget to order food and Annette doesn't show up in blue dress...)

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Anonymous said...

Hello. A girlfriend of mine was married last year in the most beautiful amazing wedding that took place on a small island on the Mediterranean in Spain, near France - and early in the morning the wedding guests had to take a small rowboat! I'm wondering if this is the place of your wedding dreams that awaits you...? It was, people are still saying, the most magical wedding they'd have ever been to... Good luck to you.