Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cake Tasting - Taste of Scandinavia

On Monday, Jeff and I went to our last wedding cake tasting. The appointment was at Taste of Scandinavia in Little Canada. The cakes were all pretty good, Scandinavia Strawberry Torte was our favorite - it has three layers of yellow sponge cake with one layer of chocolate mousse and whipped cream and one layer of raspberry jam and fresh sliced bananas. We're leaning towards ordering from Buttercream, but this is also a contender.

And lots of the cakes looked very pretty!

Another interesting thing about wedding cake shopping - it seems like prices are basically the same at all the different cake places - generally around $3 or $4 per slice. Sheet cake is generally cheaper, and places differ by how they divide amounts between the wedding cake and sheet cake, but still the prices at all three places we've visited have differed by less than about 10%.

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