Thursday, January 13, 2011


Jeff and I bought a Groupon a while ago for Hook - a seafood restaurant in Georgetown. It expires tomorrow, so we made reservations for dinner tonight. We rarely go to Georgetown, probably because there's so much to do near us and also because there's no metro over there (not that we usually take the metro other places, actually...). But it's a nice neighborhood with lots of fun stuff.

The food at Hook was good. The best thing, by far, were the green curried mussels - they had lemongrass, green apples, ginger, coconut milk, and they were served with fries and bread. If it wasn't such a nice restaurant, I probably would have licked the bowl. We also shared the scallops entree and the fish tacos. Both were pretty good, though not as amazing as the mussels. Overall, it's a good place, though it is a bit pricey - but still worth going back to!

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