Sunday, January 30, 2011

SciFi Friday - Contact

This past Friday was SciFi Friday at work (one Friday each month we leave the office early, order pizza, and watch a scifi movie selected by one of the departments). It was also our intern, Elizabeth's last day in the office.

Contact [Blu-ray]The movie for January was Contact, which I remember seeing in the movie theater when I was in middle school, though I didn't remember much of the plot. I did remember a quote about the interesting thing about the static being "there were 18 hours of it." or something like that. (I remember the quote because I was in a math class where we'd work in small groups and present math solutions on an overhead projector, and Tara and Becca and I would always put scifi movie quotes on the bottom of the slides we prepared. And that was one of them.) The movie is ok - I forgot how much of it is set in DC - though the DC people in the movie definitely seem to be the bad guys.

I think Elizabeth had a good month at Space Foundation - she gave a presentation to go over what she'd done while she was there. It did seem like she learned a lot about policy and the budget process that she hadn't know before - it didn't make her decide to change her major from physics to policy - but I think it will be handy knowledge to have in the future. She also said that editing was a lot harder than she'd expected, which I agree with - it always amazes me how long and difficult the editing process is each year. Elizabeth's flight back to Boston was on Saturday. (I think she was excited to get back, since the house she was staying at in DC lost power on Wednesday during the storm, so she was without internet, hot water, and all of that.) It's fun to imagine her heading back to her freshman year at MIT - so many exciting things ahead of her!

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