Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Hour at Topaz

On January 13th, we had our first Happy Hour of the year - the turnout was great - Jeff, Stephanie, Arthur, Kris, Emma, Beth W., Jaisha, Al, Beth F., Noelle - the whole crowd. We went to Topaz - a hotel lounge on N Street. The drinks were good - they had a bunch of zodiak-themed drinks (I went with Scorpio - yum!). We also tried empanadas, which were great. Beth had a tuna burger, which she said was really good too.

Every Thursday, Topaz has a free comedy show featuring ten local comedians. A group of us stayed after happy hour to see the show. I thought it was actually really good! Some comedians were funnier than others, but all of them had at least some funny jokes. I'd definitely consider going again in the future!

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