Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Officiant: Pastor Gwin Pratt

I'm really excited to say that Jeff and I have found an officiant for our wedding! We asked Paster Gwin Pratt, from St. Luke's Presbyterian Church in Wayzata, to officiate our ceremony, and he said he'd be honored to do so. Jeff and I both had a chance to meet Gwin over the holidays while we were in Minnesota. My sister-in-law, Emily, plays the piano for the services there, and she invited us along with her.

St. Luke's is a really welcoming church - it's not too big, so people recognize you as a guest and introduce themselves, which I think is really nice. They are also really open and accepting of all people. They are a progressive church that is "guided more by its commitment to peace, justice, and healing than by doctrines and dogmas." Since Jeff didn't grow up attending religious services regularly, this kind of open and more modern church is somewhat more comfortable to him than a more traditional church, where he's not familiar with all of the rituals and traditions. And it's also serious and gives you time during the service to reflect and think, which is something I really like.

Also, the service that we attended over the holidays just happened to be the one where Gwin and his wife were celebrating their 40 year anniversary - which was really nice.

We talked to Gwin a bit on the phone today, and he's planning to send us a sample of the wedding service that he did for his God daughter's wedding. But he also said he's happy to work with us to tailor our ceremony, which is perfect for us. Overall, I'm really, really excited - this is such a big, important piece of the wedding puzzle, it's great to have it figured out!

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