Monday, January 24, 2011

Second City Does Baltimore

Jeff and I recently spent the weekend in Baltimore - at his parents' house. We relaxed, got some work done, enjoyed appetizers and football, but the main activity was going to see "Second City Does Baltimore."

Second City is a comedy group in Chicago - they're famous for being one of the places where a lot of Saturday Night Live stars came from. They travel around to other cities, learn about the famous things, places, and histories, and then put together a comedy show about that city. 

It was fun to see the show about Baltimore, though I didn't really get all of the jokes. There were caricatures of neighborhoods, jokes about the past Mayors, and lots of other stuff. The funniest skit for me was called "The Wire: The Musical." How could that not be funny? The also did improv, which was pretty funny too.

It made me think I'd like to see a show like that about Minnesota - they haven't done one, as far as I know, but actually, listening to Garrison Keiller on Prairie Home Companion is pretty close. :)

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