Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding To Do List Re-Group

Since Jeff and I got back in DC, we did a wedding to do list re-group - we went through all the things we need to do and tried to put together a plan of how we were going to do them. On the agenda for this month:

Select Officiant & Start planning the details of the ceremony
Make sure bridesmaids order their dresses
Register for Wedding Gifts
Finalize the reception menu
Think about ceremony and reception lighting and decoration
Order the wedding cake
Decide on groomsmen's formalwear
Finalize timing for wedding day
Select and order invitations
Set date, time and location for rehearsal dinner
Select and book our hotel rooms for wedding weekend
Book honeymoon travel plans
Purchase wedding rings

I've already booked the hotel rooms now, and we've put together a list of about 40 different restaurants that we need to contact about the rehearsal dinner, and we're really pretty close to deciding on a wedding cake. So lots and lots left to do, but we're working on it!

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