Monday, November 22, 2010

Wedding Dreams

With all of the wedding planning going on, I've been having lots of dreams related to the wedding. Some are pretty mundane - I dreamed that I was sitting at dinner with my friends and I kept telling them about wedding planning. Some are a little scary - I dreamed that I was in Minnesota and had forgotten it was the weekend of the wedding, so I hadn't made any make-up or hair appointments or anything. And those are just the two I can think of the moment.

It turns out Jeff is also having wedding dreams - last night he had a dream that it was the wedding, and everyone was coming into town and getting ready. But then the U.S. World Cup Soccer team was there, and everyone was reminding him that he had to play a soccer game as part of the wedding festivities, so he was playing with the U.S. team, and our friend Al was coaching him about what he had to do.

I like soccer, but I'm hoping, in this specific instance, our wedding isn't the wedding of Jeff's dreams.  :)

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Drew Watts said...

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