Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apartment Update: At least 30 days more...

We recently got an email with the memo below. The main update is that we won't be able to retrieve any of our things from the apartment for at least 30 days. At least we have the ten things we got earlier, and we've got a nice place to stay!



DATE:                    November 16, 2010

TO:                         All Residents, Windsor House Apartments

FROM:                  Gloria Dunbar, ARM
                                Assistant Vice President

RE:                          Habitability and Relocation

The fire in our building on November 2, 2010 has presented many challenges for all residents as well as for us. In a situation such as this, we strive to make everyone as comfortable as we possibly can, realizing that there will be some frustrations along the way.

Unfortunately, our 9th floor residents will not be able to return to their homes for at least six months due to the restoration that must take place.  There is also a concern regarding the conditions that were created by the fire that prohibit access and habitability to the 9th floor. We expect this to continue for at least the next thirty (30) days. We will certainly provide any information regarding access to the 9th floor as it is made available to us. We as Management thoroughly understand the frustration our 9th floor residents are experiencing without access or the ability to retrieve items; however, this matter is beyond our control and we appreciate your cooperation and patience.

In the efforts to extinguish the fire, it was necessary to break several apartment windows to release the smoke and heat. Those residents of apartments without windows cannot return until the window(s) have been replaced. These windows have been ordered, and each window must be custom made to fit the frame and structure of the building. We will advise those residents of the date in which their windows will be installed.

Please know that it is for your safety and best interest in this matter that these actions are taken. We would like to thank all of our residents for their continued support and understanding during this unfortunate incident.

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