Monday, November 22, 2010

Pol Visits DC

About a week ago, my friend Pol (who lives in Barcelona) emailed me to tell me he had decided to make a last minute trip to New York. He was planning to stay for a week, but since it's over Thanksgiving, I was going to be in Minnesota for a lot of it. He decided to come directly to DC after arriving in NYC to visit for a couple nights.

He arrived in DC on Saturday evening and a bunch of us met up at Fudruckers for a quick dinner. From there we went to Rocket Bar for drinks. We met up with my cousin, Liz, there, and her husband and friend. As it got later, we decided to go dancing. We thought we'd go to Cafe Citron, but the line was really long. Instead, Jaisha found some magic bar - called "Steve's Bar" that was next door, but had no sign and looked like an office building when you went in. But when you took the elevator to the second floor, it was a club. We ended up having our own room in the back where we could dance - it was great!

The next day, Jeff and I met up with Pol, his friends (Jorge and Hector), and Jaisha for a little sightseeing. Pol visited DC before, but his friends have never been to the U.S., so they wanted to see everything! We went to the White House, and then walked down to the Lincoln Memorial.

After we finished sightseeing, we walked back along the Mall to Penn Quarter, and met up with Kris and Emma for dinner at Carmine's. It's a family-style Italian restaurant, so the portions were huge!

We grabbed one drink after that, but we were pretty tired from staying out late the night before, and the Spanish guys were pretty jet-lagged. And that was it for Pol and his friend's surprise DC visit! On Monday they caught a bus back to New York City. They're actually staying at my sister's apartment there, so perhaps we'll hear from them a bit more!

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