Monday, November 22, 2010

Jeff's 26th Birthday!

Last Thursday was Jeff's birthday. I worked from home, so we hung out together all day in the MJ Cafe (that's what we call our temporary apartment). I had a bunch of telecons and he had a lot of research to work on, but it was nice to have tea together and chat over lunch.

In the evening, we met up with my co-workers and some of our friends for drinks at Madhatter. We had a really good time!

Friday we had planned a night out with friends. Since a lot of Jeff's friends from high school live in and around Baltimore, we decided to go out there for his birthday. That way those people could go, and also it would be something new and different for our DC friends. Jeff, Stephanie, Beth and I drove down together. The four of us met up with Sam Armacost and Ransom for dinner at The Helmand, which is a great Afghani restaurant in Baltimore.

After that, the plan was to start at Max's Taphouse and then explore the rest of Fell's Point a bit. But we ended up liking Max's and having a lot of space to ourselves, which was nice, so we stayed there the whole night!

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