Sunday, November 7, 2010

H Street Adventure with Craig and Patrick

Last night Jeff and I met up with Craig and Patrick and went to the Atlas District - the H Street Corridor. Our first stop was at the Biergarten Haus, where we had Hofbrau beers and some potato pancakes.

We went for dinner at Granville Moores. It's a Belgian gastropub that I've been really wanting to try. They don't take reservations, and even though we got there at abour 8:45pm, there was still and hour and a half wait. We went back around 10pm, had a beer at the bar, and then sat out on the patio, which was heated.

We had fries as a starter - they were really great - especially with the aoli and chipotle mayo dips. Jeff and I both had mussels for our main course - I had jalfrezi mussels, which was a type of curry, and Jeff had spicy corn flavor. Patrick and Craig treated us to dinner to celebrate our engagement. Thanks, guys!

From there, we went for a quick beer at The Pug, a little pub near Granville Moore's. Then we went back to the area downtown where Craig and Patrick are staying (which is the same neighborhood we used to live in). We went to Dupont Italian Kitchen, where they had karaoke. We put ourselves on the list, but decided to go home before our turn came up... probably for the best since I really can't sing.

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