Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Cup Weekend - Sunday

Jeff and I started the day early on Sunday. My parents are selling our house (where I've lived since I was about five years old!) and so they're searching for a new place. Jeff and I decided to go house-hunting with them. We toured a bunch of houses, and they found one they really liked.

Around lunchtime, Brian and Emily picked us up and we headed to the Twin Cities to see the World Cup Final with Spain vs. Netherlands. We thought about going to Brit's Pub again, but we were running a little late, and when we got there, we saw a line out the door. Even though the game had already started, these crazy people were just waiting in line outside!

We decided to give up on that and go to another sports bar down the street. So we watched the game from 'News Room' (which was strikingly similar to 'Front Page' in DC.) The game was really fun to watch - and even went into extra time. And in the end, Spain won! Yay!

After the game, Jeff and I went with Paul (who had met up with us at the game) to meet up with friends at Good Earth in Roseville. Paul, Rachel, Carey, and I used to hang out together all the time in high school, so we try to get together when we're all home. Carey lives in New York now, and I'm in DC, and Rachel has a baby, so it can be a challenge to organize a time that works for everyone.

After dinner at Good Earth, we headed over to Rachel's house. She has two tiny dogs and a baby boy (Ari), so there was plenty to keep everyone entertained. :) We also watched some Futurama, and had coffee and ice cream.

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