Friday, July 9, 2010

Micah's Wedding

Last Saturday, Jeff and I went to my co-worker, Micah's, wedding. The service was at 11am, and it was held at Swarthmore college. They actually met during orientation at college on that same stage. Very cute!

The service was very nice. They had a unique part of the service where they did a butterfly release, so there were a whole bunch of Monarch's flying all over. Following the ceremony, there was a lunch reception in a nearby building. The lunch was nice, with lots of little eau d'oeuvres. Jeff and I sat with my previous boss (he recently left for a new job), and it was nice to catch up.

In the afternoon, Jeff and I headed to a near-by Ruby Tuesdays to catch the Spain v. Paraguay World Cup game. It was a great game, and a nice, relaxing afternoon break.

In the evening, we headed to the Brandywine River Museum for the wedding dinner. For the first couple of hours, we wandered around the museum. It was really cool - featuring artists and illustrators that were based in that area of Pennsylvania. For example, there were lots of paintings by N. C. Wyeth, who did the illustrations for Treasure Island when it first came out. We also learned that in the 1800's there was a fad to make tiny pendants with the eye of the person you love painted on them. Weird.

N. C. Wyeth: The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals

Dinner was really nice. We sat at a table with some of Jess' cousins. It turned out that two of them actually used to live just about two blocks from us in DC! Even now they live in a neighborhood that's pretty close to us downtown. Small world!

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