Sunday, July 18, 2010

Minnesota Mid-Week

From Tuesday to Thursday of the first week of my visit in Minnesota, I mostly did work during the day and hung out with friends and family at night.

The IT Crowd: The Complete Season OneAnnette came over to watch Dr. Horrible (now the third time I've seen it...) and some other shows. We watched a few episodes of IT Crowd. It's a British sitcom about three people who work in a large corporation's IT group. It's pretty funny - a mix of nerdy humor and British humor. It's on Netflix on-demand, so you can check it out!

I got together with Paul one evening and we hung out with Mike at a bar near their house. We played pool... and I was awesome. At least that's the story I'm sticking with. I still say I was just kidding about that behind-the-back-shot (in which I hit one of the non-queue balls and then whiffed twice before giving up, hitting it normally, and getting it in the pocket...)

On Thursday, Jeff came into town pretty early in the morning. We spent the day hanging out at my house and doing work. That night we had dinner with my dad at Jake's - a restaurant near my house. My dad is going to be retiring at the Postal Service at the end of the summer, and he's going to be teaching math at a high school in Minneapolis starting this September - exciting to hear about his plans. Thursday was a nice, low key day.

Friday was similarly low-key. Jeff and I grabbed chipotle for lunch, did some work, and ordered pizza for dinner at home with my dad. (This was not my healthiest eating-week.) I think Jeff and I were in bed by 10pm.

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