Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Cup Weekend - Saturday

Our first weekend in Minnesota kept us pretty busy. On Saturday, Jeff and I went to Brit's Pub in Minneapolis to watch the runner-up World Cup game between Germany and Uruguay. I'd never been to Brit's Pub before, but I really like it! It has a big roof deck with patio seating and a big grass area where they have lawn bowling.
However, lawn bowling was on hold, and instead they had a huge screen on the front of the field, and people sitting in the grass to watch.

It was a fun game with lots of scoring - Jeff and I cheered for Germany, and they won! This kid was also really happy about that:

After watching the game, Jeff and I walked down Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. We went inside the new Minneapolis library - which is a very cool building.

In the evening, we met up with my brother and Emily to go to a party at Brian's friend's house. The party was fun - we spent a lot of the time chatting with Emily, though we played some games and hung out with the rest of the group, too.

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