Sunday, July 18, 2010


Inception (Music From The Motion Picture)Thursday late-night, Jeff and I met up with Paul, Mike, Zach, and Kevin to go see the midnight show of Inception. We actually saw it at the Minnesota Zoo IMAX, which I'd never been to before. I like the movie a lot - the concept is really cool, and some of the scenes are just really interesting. I love how the projections start to stare at the person who doesn't belong. I also really liked that they structured the movie in such a way that you need to figure out what's going on and how everything works as it goes along, rather than just explaining it outright. However, this also means you really need to pay attention, and it is definitely somewhat confusing at times. (It kind of reminded me of Momento in this way.) Though I liked it overall, I thought it was missing a little weight - I didn't think the movie helped you connect with the characters very closely - maybe because you don't know exactly what's going on for a decent amount of the movie. Still definitely worth seeing - maybe even worth seeing twice.

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