Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Gifts Arriving

Jeff and I have already had three wedding gifts arrive at the apartment. I have to say, that is probably one of the most surreal things so far in preparing for the wedding. Because up until that point, everything else is really Jeff and I planning for the future - none of it has actually happened yet - it's all just an idea and a plan, and it feels more and more real as more details get worked out, but it's still just on paper. Even the things we've bought, like my wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, are still in a store somewhere, so we don't really have them. So when real boxes start arriving at your house, it's a really crazy feeling.

Also, it's sooo fun! The gifts we've gotten have been mostly housewares - for example, our friend Beth got us the wine glasses, a wine stopper, and little cheese plates we'd registered for. Especially because we're missing so many things from the fire, it's been amazing to get these new things - we use them all the time now, partly because they're really handy, and partly because we're just so excited about them! Our friend Dave sent us a set of mixing bowls with a million different sizes, and it's the same thing. Jeff keeps inventing reasons to use each size of bowl. There is one that's really tiny that he was having trouble figuring out what to do with, but then he decided he could use it to melt butter in, and he was really happy about that. (The other gift came to the house via my luggage - Cordula and Niels gave us some cute decorations and soap from Germany - along with 'Saltz' and 'Pfeffer' shakers.)

It definitely feels like a new big step to have other people actually doing things that go along with your plan (it's not just Jeff and I preparing for the wedding!), and also to have real, tangible things appearing related to the wedding!

(And now we really need to get our act together and get some thank you cards!)

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