Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in DC... and back to work

The Space Report 2009This is also one of the busiest times of year for my work at the Space Foundation. Each year we publish a book called "The Space Report." We start ramping up work in October and November, and it's released in April. Right now we're in the last couple of weeks before it needs to be sent off to the printer. That means tying up every loose end, checking and double-checking all of the numbers, the commas, and everything else. I'll probably read the whole book through twice between now and when it goes to the printers (and so will my coworkers).

On top of that, I'm also in charge of chasing down images - I guess I ended up with that job randomly last year, and now I have the experience. I can tell you, it's really time-consuming. There are a lot of pictures in the book (and they really help it look great), but it really takes a long time to get in touch with a new person or group for each and every one. So if you get a chance to see the book when it's finished, definitely take a moment to really appreciate all of the images. :)

(It's actually funny, because I'm much more proud of my work on the editing and writing in the book, rather than getting image permissions, but the images just take soooo long and before I had the job of getting permissions for each myself, I never thought about that task at all...)

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