Friday, March 18, 2011

Dinner at Heartland

Heartland is the restaurant in Minnesota where Jeff and I are planning to have our rehearsal dinner. It has great reviews, and my parents really liked it when they tried it, but Jeff and I had never eaten there. So Saturday night, after getting my hair and makeup done and doing a little mother-of-the-bride dress shopping, we went there for dinner. It was Jeff and I, my parents, Grandma John, and Brian and Wally.

Jeff and I each had a tasting menu - I had the vegetarian and he had the meat one, and we shared both. Everything was really good! I loooved the gnocci that I had, and the desserts were great, too. We met the owner/ head chef of the restaurant, and he showed us the room where we'll have our dinner, and told us a story about saving Jose Andres' life while in New York for the James Beard awards.

I'm really looking forward to the rehearsal dinner - I think it's going to be really nice and relaxed, and the food will be amazing!

And even though the food was great... I think Wally stole the show - this is the first time I've seen him since January, just after he was born. He's definitely gotten a lot bigger!

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