Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Empty Closets

Yesterday, Jeff and I packed up all of our clothes - except a few things we just bought on the weekend and one or two essential items (like jeans and workout clothes), and sent them off in giant plastic bags to be professionally cleaned, along with all of the other clothes from our apartment. Our closets now look like no one really lives here (again).

I'm actually really excited about this process, because I think it will be fun to get a whole closet-sized delivery of nice, freshly dry-cleaned clothes. Then I want to go through all of them and do a somewhat ruthless cutting process, so I only keep the clothes I really like and actually wear. And for Jeff, we're just going to get rid of all the XL (and maybe even L) clothes that aren't even close to fitting him anymore, so he'll actually have a collection of clothes that fit him and look nice!

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