Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apartment Update: We got our stuff back... and then got rid of (most of) it!

Last week Jeff and I got access to the things in our old apartment. We brought down all sorts of plastic bags and boxes full of our old things. Our apartment was really messy.

It's crazy to think that we haven't had these things for five months. We've basically adjusted to living without them. Some things - like our pens, scissors, and post-its got organized and put away in the desk. Other things - like almost all of our old dishes and pots and pans - we decided to give away to Goodwill.

It took quite a few days, but by this morning our apartment was looking nice again! And since we had our drill back, we could even hang the photos we'd gotten framed! (All of the photos are ones we took - except for the one of the two of us, which my mom took.)

Top row (left to right): A gateway on an island on Lake Titicaca, Peru; the Charles bridge in Prague; Boston Public Garden; Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis; and Lake Titicaca, Peru.
Bottom row (left to right): Jeff and I in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden; a city street in Seoul, Korea; Some castle ruins in Ireland; Beach in Honduras; and old buildings reflected in glass in Prague

Today Jeff went in and got our old furniture and brought it down - and pretty much all of that is up on craigslist now, since we replaced basically all of our major furniture over the past five years. Once we get all of that taken away, it will just be odds and ends left! (And hopefully someday soon we'll get our clothes back and we'll have closets with more than five items of clothing...)

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