Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Flowers and Decorations

My sister in law offered to do the flowers for our wedding, so during this trip home, Jeff and I got together with Emily and my mom to talk over all the different plans. Jeff and I looked through a million pictures of flowers that we like. Now we have a basic plan for decorating!

The table centerpieces are going to be a collection of three vases of different sizes and shapes sitting on top of a yellow cloth. Each vase will have a different type of flowers. I'm including a couple pictures that inspired us to try this, and a picture of the cloth and some vases.

Emily is also planning to set up some of the tables (maybe 7 or 8?) with a really tall eiffel vase, which I think will be really cool.

We're also thinking maybe some kind of poms on the edges of the aisles at the ceremony - this would be a little more simple than flowers, since it could be done in advance - though maybe we'd have some flowers, too.

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