Friday, August 6, 2010

Pool Party

On Wednesday, Jeff and I went to a pool party / dinner party at his boss' house. Jeff works part-time at a company that does economic auctions (they auction off big, complicated things like French power, for example). His boss' (it's a husband and wife) live in D.C., just a ways north-west of Dupont Circle.

The neighborhood was beautiful. All of the houses look like castles (the picture here is of the neighbors house). It's also mixed right in with a lot of the embassies - the Vatican Embassy and the Finnish Embassy are basically across the street from them. There are also lots of big trees all over - apparently there are a lot of deer around, too. It's a short cab ride from our apartment, but it definitely feels like a different world.

We spent some time in the pool - it was a good day for it - another hot, sticky, DC-summer day.

For dinner we had Thai food. The plan had been to grill, but there was some kind of auction-emergency that had happened earlier in the day, so there hadn't been time to get things ready for that. Thai food works for me, though!

It was fun to meet all of Jeff's co-workers. They were all very nice. His boss' and their two 13-year old boys are all big Doctor Who fans, so we got to chat about that a bit, and I got to show off my Doctor Who ringtone (trust me, I don't get to do that often - there are only a very select few that appreciate how cool that ringtone is...)

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