Monday, August 23, 2010

Caribbean Cruise - Day 8 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

They don't serve room-service on the morning that you arrive back in Florida, but they do have breakfast at the main buffet restaurant. Jeff and I weren't willing to give up on our balcony-breakfast tradition, though, so he went up to the buffet and brought down a plate of breakfast food to share, and a pot of coffee.

After breakfast, we packed up everything and headed off the ship. One complication arose because we had almost run our of cash - we had about $12 left - probably not enough for a cab to the airport. The ATM on the ship was turned off, and there didn't seem to be one in the main building at the pier. So Jeff and I got creative.

We decided to take the rental car bus to the big rental car complex (all of the major car rental companies are in one big building) and then take the airport shuttle to our terminal. At first we were a bit worried, because we were the only ones waiting for the rental car bus, and it was taking a long time, but then the line of people grew a bit and the bus came eventually. (The rental car shuttle transportation plan was all Jeff's idea - I told him that now that we're engaged he's become a total rebel/ rule-bender.)

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