Monday, August 23, 2010

Caribbean Cruise - Day 2 - At Sea

Our first full day on the ship was a day at sea, so we had lots of time to both explore and relax. We started the day with room-service breakfast, which we ate out on the balcony.

I have been wanting to get a massage ever since Christmas time, and especially since I finished my comps in May, so I decided that now that I was wiling away the hours on a relaxing cruise, I could make time. I got a Swedish Massage at the spa. The massage was really good - I did feel more relaxed afterwards. The spa has a relaxation room that you sit in before and after your message, which has lots of comfy lounge furniture, relaxing music, and big windows that look out the front of the boat onto the ocean. Hard to beat that. The only odd thing is that they end give you a little spiel about how you can buy their fancy message lotions and products - only about $50 per bottle. I passed on that.

While I was at my cruise, Jeff went to a little mini-lecture on diamonds, which seemed like a fitting thing to do. I don't think he learned much that he didn't already know, but he did win a nice bottle of champagne, so overall it was worth it. He also learned all sorts of random facts. (Did you know the most diamonds come from Australia, but 95% of them are not gem quality? The single largest producer of gem quality diamonds is Botswana.)

We had brunch in the main dining room. It was a buffet brunch, rather than a sit down breakfast or lunch, but there were lots of good options for food - eggs, bacon, waffles, salad, etc.

After lunch we wandered the ship and did a bit of window shopping. The only thing I bought was a little notepad and pen so I could jot down wedding ideas and thoughts that Jeff and I came up with. And then we headed back to one of our favorite spots - the solarium - where we laid out on the lounge chairs and read. (I was originally going back and forth between reading economics papers and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but then I got pulled into 'Dragon Tattoo' and the econ readings were left to the wayside.)

In the late afternoon we worked out again. Jeff got me to try the bike, which I think is one of the only exercise machines that you're still enough to really read. I also found that reading a kindle while exercising is way easier than reading a book - you just press a button to turn pages, and it isn't constantly slipping out of the holder and closing and losing your page.

From the gym we went back to our room to get cleaned up and then relax and read until dinner. This was the formal night on the cruise, so we got all dressed up.

After a very filling dinner, it was back to the room to finish watching "Get Smart" before falling asleep.

Get Smart (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition)Get Smart turned out to be a really cute and entertaining movie. The role that Steve Carell played was somewhat similar to the well-meaning but bumbling Michael Scott that he plays on The Office, but in this role, he often was a very skilled spy, which I thought made it funnier and more interesting.

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