Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Hour @ Madhatter

For Happy Hour this week, we went to Madhatter. It's a restaurant/bar that recently relocated. It used to be underneath another bar, and a bit dingy; it's new location is definitely a step up. Now it even has decorations that go along with its name (I'm pretty sure there weren't any in the old one... or if there were, it was too dark to see them.)

Anyway, the first thing I liked is that they had some great deals going on - the appetizers were buy one-get one, and there were happy hour specials on drinks. Between the four of us we had eight appetizers and six drinks (four wines, a cocktail, and a beer) and the total was only $70. Not bad at all. And the appetizers were definitely better than your average bar food.

The appetizers I really liked were: twice baked potato beignets served with a horseradish tartar sauce (these actually reminded me of croquettes). PEI mussels in garlic white wine (very buttery, but good, and there were a lot of them), tomato bruschetta with fresh basil, pecorino romano, and aged balsamic reduction (really rich flavors and big enough to share), Artichoke and Spinach Dip (how could this not be good, really?), Pizzette with goat cheese, mozzarella, olives, Prosciutto, pepercorn romano (I was debating where to put this one. I didn't love it when I first tried it, but now that I'm writing about it, I'm really craving another one.)

The appetizers I thought were just ok were: Chicken fries served with ponzu BBQ, chipotle mayo, and honey dijon (This made this category because of a case of mistaken identity... the chicken fries are listed just under the cheese fries on the menu, and in my head I was imaging french fries covered in chicken and cool sauces instead of cheese. In reality, these are chicken fingers with the three sauces.), Lamb croquettes - "our version of the gryo: crsispy lamb meatballs, feta, tomato and a lemon-cucumber yogurt sauce" (Again, I think I was less happy with this because I didn't read the menu closely - I just read 'lamb croquettes' and ordered, expecting the breaded-doughy croquettes I love... but these are definitely more like lamb meatballs... which, to be fair, is what the menu says. As croquettes, they fail. If I had been in the mood for lamb meatballs, they may have made it on the 'really liked' list - especially with the lemon-cucumber yogurt sauce.),  Classic nachos with orange-chili , crispy corn tortillas, and topped with sour cream, and homemade salsa (the nachos weren't spicy at all, in fact, they're a bit sweet; not my style.)

The only really annoying thing that happened was that they were out of the ingredients for all but one of their signature cocktails. So I didn't get to try the drink I wanted... maybe next time. The wine was good, at least.

Also, I had a living social coupon ($40 worth of food and drink), but you can't combine it with other offers, so I couldn't use it. But I don't think I'll mind going back again, so I'm sure it will get used eventually.

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