Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MIT '07 Pi Reunion - Sunday

On Sunday, we got a late check-out so we could get a decent amount of sleep for our last day in Las Vegas. So after checking out, the first thing we did was head to lunch. We met up with Andrew and Helen, who were eating at Spago (a Wolfgang Puck restaurant). Jeff and I shared the chopped salad, which was just lots of different veggies chopped into small cubes - it was really good - crunchy and fresh, with a good variety of flavors. We also shared the chorizo pizza, which was pretty good as well.

After that, we spent most our day shopping and wandering along the strip. We walked through the Forum shops at Ceasar's Palace, through the Bellagio, through the City Center buildings, on to Monte Carlo and then New York, New York.

We crossed over the strip, went through MGM, and then caught a cab down to the Venetian. There, we did a bit more shopping before walking past the Mirage and other places all the way back to Ceasar's.

We grabbed a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. The drink really was great, though at a price of $9.50 for the small (which was just a normal sized cup), I don't think I'd buy very many of them.

From there, we headed to The Buffet at the Bellagio. Buffets seem like such a Las Vegas staple, I thought it'd be fun to have at least one while we were there. The Buffet at the Bellagio was good - the ravioli was really good, the sushi was not bad, and there were lots of fun desserts to show from. However, nothing really blew me away. I think I've decided that I'm not really a buffet person - I'd rather just pick one really great dish from the menu at a regular restaurant and have that. Ah well, lesson learned. :) Of course, this realization didn't stop us all from enjoying way too much food.

After dinner, we grabbed a cab, and went to "downtown" Las Vegas. It was sunset when we headed over, and the sky was beautiful.

Downtown Vegas is on Freemont Street - where some of the older Las Vegas casinos are. It's very bright. We met up with our Spanish friends there.

There is a big LED canopy over Freemont Street, and they did a light show set to the song "American Pie." It was a really cute show.

Once that was over, we said good-bye to Victor, Alberto, and Andreu, and grabbed a cab.

We got our luggage from Ceasar's and headed to the airport with Andrew and Helen. And that was it.

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Drew said...

I like the before and after shot of Jeff. His smile is identical in both of them, the only difference is the missing dessert.