Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week Before the Wedding – Thursday, May 26

Jeff’s and my main task on Thursday was to help Emily and Brian with the flowers. Emily had ordered them and had a plan of how to put the vases together, and Jeff and I wanted to help actually put them together.

The flower shop was really cool – it had a big cooler that you could just go into and choose flowers from, and an area where you could store what you’d made. And it had big metal work tables that you could use for arranging. It was as if you owned a floral shop for a day.

We worked on flowers until after lunch time, but it was taking a bit longer than we expected, so we decided to call it a day at about 1pm.

In the evening, Jeff and I did some last minute shopping at the Mall of America – wedding party gifts, a hair clip for me for the wedding, more yellow candy the the candy bar, and other things like that.

Jeff’s parents’ arrived in the afternoon and met us for a quick coffee at the Mall of America. We needed to go to Ikea too, but luckily Tom ran that errand for us – picking up a bunch more 8.5x11 inch frames and two sturdy chairs with arm rests that we could use for the Hora.

My Mom took care of the Target run – getting umbrellas, gift bags, tissue paper, and other things like that.

I stayed up late into the night typing up labels and organizational plans for all of the different boxes we had of wedding decorations and supplies.

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