Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week Before The Wedding – Sunday, May 22

We arrived at the Minneapolis airport at 8:01am on Sunday morning. We were pretty exhausted, but also anxious to put a dent in our ‘to do’ list, so we went back to my parents’ house and started sorting through the boxes of things that had been delivered there – things like the colored dots to note what type of meal each person ordered.

Once it was late enough that stores would be open, we spent quite a while shopping. We got some food for the BBQ. We got items for a toiletries basket in the ladies room. We picked up pictures for the escort cards at Walgreens. We bought jars and candy for the candy table we were putting together, and yellow paper for the programs. We got snacks for the guys and girls get-ready rooms at City Hall.

Back at home, we spent most of the evening trying to put together the escort cards. We didn’t quite finish, realizing we needed to re-print some labels and we needed (or really wanted to) search for new photos for some people. It took about three rounds of searching for pictures, ordering pictures and picking them up, and trying to put things together and evaluate where we’re at, before we finished it completely.

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