Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Weekend in DC Before the Wedding

The last weekend in DC was at least as busy as the last week in DC. We did a lot of packing on Thursday – making sure we had everything we’d need for Minnesota, the wedding, and the honeymoon.

Then everything else (other than furniture and kitchen stuff) we packed up and moved out of the apartment to have it empty for the sub-letter.

We had a bunch of boxes ready to go for the first trip to Baltimore on Friday morning. While Jeff made that trip on his own, I continued to pack up the rest of our stuff. (Then I got really sentinmental and teary because I couldn’t believe it was already time to move out and head to Minnesota for the wedding!) After we packed the zipcar full again, we realized three trips would be needed.

I went with Jeff to Baltimore on the second trip, and then stayed there to organize things on the Baltmore side while he went back for the last collection of stuff. I did a pretty good job of organizing and consolidating so his room looked less like a disaster area (and more like a well-organized storage closet…)

One of the craziest things is that even though we took three big car-fulls of stuff to Baltimore, looking at the apartment afterwards, it hardly looks different at all! (Because everything came out of closets and other nook-and-crannies!)

On Saturday, we were really tired, but really glad we’d had the crazy moving day on Friday, so that our last day in DC was not quite as hectic. We finished up little things. We talked to Noah Wolf on the phone about photo plans, and we came up with an initial plan for the seating chart.

Late on Saturday, we went to Noelle's graduation party at One Lounge, then came home and slept for a few hours before heading to the airport.

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