Thursday, June 2, 2011

New York Weekend – Wedding Dress Fittings

The day after finishing my prosepectus defense, Jeff and I went to New York for my wedding dress fitting. We got in really late Thursday night (technically Friday morning). On Friday, Katie and Tom were off at work, and Jeff and I rented a zipcar and he took me to my appointment. It took us 45 minutes just to get out of the city, so we were a little late.

When we got there, Aunt Liz was already there waiting - she had offered to come to the fitting since my mom wasn’t able to make it. It was really nice to have someone there with me just to give a second opinion on things. The dress actually fit perfectly and didn’t need any adjustments (even the hem!), but I did need to decide on earrings to wear with it, what type of veil to get, and things like that.

I went to a second fitting on Saturday to try it on one last time. I called my mom on videophone on my cell phone, so she and my dad (and Mamie and Grandpa, who were nearby) could all see it. That worked surprisingly well!

I had originally planned on mailing the dress to Minnesota, but the lady at the store strongly recommended against it, especially because the short time frame wouldn’t allow for it to get lost. So, I ended up taking it back to Katie’s apartment with me, and eventually on the Megabus back to DC. That was certainly an adventure, and not one I’d necessarily recommend, but we did get the dress home safely.

While in New York, we also visited Carey Ma a bit, and went to his teacher happy hour. We had a fun dinner with Jeff’s grandparents, aunt and uncle, and Katie and Tom. We went to the Lounge at the W Hotel near Wall Street, and we went to the American Museum of Natural History – the first time I’ve ever been to a museum in New York in all the times I’ve been there! It was a very busy, but very fun weekend!

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