Saturday, June 4, 2011

Honeymoon Day 0 - May 31 – Minneapolis, MN

Jeff and I left for our honeymoon on Tuesday evening – two days after the wedding. This was nice because we could see people off on Monday, get things organized and re-packed back at my parents’ house, and run a couple errands before heading out.

Jeff asked me if I thought the timing had been right, and I said I thought I could have used just a couple more hours… though I guess that’s always the case. But we basically had everything we needed – passports, clothes, electronics, reservations, and all of that.

We got to the airport and checked in, and even though we didn’t have much time, Jeff suggested that we each get a glass of champagne at the bar to celebrate the very beginning of our honeymoon. We did, and it was a very nice way to sit and relax for a second and take in the moment.

Before long, we were boarding our flight to Iceland. The flight was fine – we had a snack, watched “Black Swan” (good, but pretty creepy), read the Iceland travel book, and slept a bit.

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