Thursday, June 2, 2011

Passed Dissertation Prospectus Defense

On Wednesday, June 11, at 2pm, I defended my dissertation prospectus – this is basically the overall plan for my research and the initial research I’ve done so far. I think it went really well! I passed the defense, and my professors all seemed really interested and excited in the research. My first step will be to very thoroughly define the problem – understand how satellites are used to understand climate change and then see where gaps and overlaps in relevant data collection exist now or may exist in the future. I’m planning to really dig into that when I get back to DC later in the summer.

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Nell Serrano said...

Wow, your topic really was an interesting one! No wonder your professors get excited about the research. I think a foundation of a good dissertation research is a good master dissertation topic. And your paper does deserve to be called a good paper. Just wish you published it online for us to see.