Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prague – Day 4 – Saturday, September 25

Saturday was the last day of the Space Generation Congress. At the end of the day, I presented the work that my working group had been developing over the past few days. We had looked at issues related to satellite remote sensing and climate change, which is the same topic I’m planning to look at for my dissertation.

After the Congress ended, I headed back to Andy’s place. I was hoping to take a nap, but since the Congress ran a little late, the trains were running on a slower, Saturday schedule, and I missed my tram stop, I ended up only having about 15 minutes to set down my things and get ready to go.

There was an official closing night dinner at the Space Generation Congress, held in a very nice banquet room at the Charles University. The speaker for the evening was NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden. His talk was good, and it seemed like he must be really enjoying the dinner, because he stayed until after 11pm talking with the delegates.

After dinner ended, most of the SGC delegates headed to a club in the Old Town area of Prague. I’m not sure what the name of the club was, but it was a pretty strange experience. There were a whole bunch of different rooms, but most of the group was on the lowest floor, which was like a cave. There was a room for sitting and chatting, a dance floor (though they really over-did it with the fog machine), and then a room with women dancing on the bar… which was pretty odd. The smokiness of the clubs in Prague bothers me a bit – I haven’t had to deal with smoke for a long time since it’s been outlawed in most bars in the U.S. Overall, though, it was fun to have a night out with everyone to celebrate the end of the congress.

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