Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flying to Prague

Jeff and I left for Prague on Tuesday, September 21. We were flying out of BWI at 12:40pm (or at least that’s what we thought when we left home). We got to the airport pretty early, and went to check in (online check-in had given me an error). So we talked to the person at the desk. And then I found out that while Jeff was on the 12:40pm flight, I had been moved to the 2:40pm flight. That meant we’d be on different flights all the way to Prague.

We told the person at the gate that we really wanted to fly together, and then we stood at the desk for an hour and a half while the person worked on making that happen. Though it was frustrating to have the super-long wait, at least the person didn’t try to tell us that it wasn’t possible or that it wasn’t their problem.

Eventually, we ended up both being on the 2:40pm flight – which was good, because once it was all sorted out, we would have missed the 12:40pm flight. The flights were not bad. We went from Baltimore to Detroit, and then from Detroit to Amsterdam. (I watched Alice in Wonderland and half of Robin Hood before falling asleep.)

Then we hit more flight trouble. We got to Amsterdam and I went to the transfer desk to get my boarding pass for the flight to Prague. And the person told me that though I had a ticket for the flight, I didn’t have a reservation for the flight, so there was no seat for me. And the plane was overbooked. That meant I’d have to fly on a later flight, but the person told me those were booked, too. So I got on the stand-by list and went to the gate, making plans with Jeff about how we’d meet up in Prague if we flew in separately. Luckily, I managed to get on the flight, even though I was standby, and Jeff and I got to fly to Prague together.

Definitely the most trouble I’ve had flying in quite a while.

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