Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GroupOn – Sala Thai

Jeff and I both get the GroupOn and LivingSocial emails, which my dad told us about a while ago. (They send a coupon every day to some local establishment – restaurants, spas, stores, gyms, and lots of other things.) We mostly buy the restaurant coupons (they’re usually half-off – i.e. pay $25 for $50 worth of food, etc.) However, despite how much we seem to eat out, we still hit the deadline on some of them. One of the coupons that was soon to expire was the one to Sala Thai/ U Sushi, which is a combination of a Thai and Sushi restaurant that are next door to each other and that share menus. Jeff and I sat out on the patio, which was nice, because we could watch passers-by on U Street. I waited for Jeff for a while, since he was at a meeting, and I tried the lemongrass martini and the spring rolls. The martini was not bad, but it was really sweet (and really bright green), but the spring rolls were good. When Jeff got there, we had a few rolls of sushi – spicy tuna, salmon and avocado, and “rainbow sushi,” which was a California roll topped with different types of sashimi. We also ordered Pad Thai. I wasn’t crazy about the Pad Thai – I think I could taste the fish oil a little too much, but Jeff liked it. I enjoyed the sushi, though. While the rainbow sushi roll may have been a little over the top, it did taste pretty good, and it looked like a rainbow on the plate, which was cute.

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