Sunday, October 24, 2010

New York Weekend

This weekend, Jeff and I headed to New York City to visit Katie and Tom. We got in Friday evening and met Katie and Tom at Craftbar in the Flatiron district. It was Katie's birthday, so Jeff and I wanted to take her and Tom out. The food was great - we shared cheese, polenta, mushroom bruscetta, and olives, and then Katie and I shared mussels. We shared an apple crumble dessert - not quite birthday cake, but close enough!

When Katie was in Paris and London in August, I gave her some money to shop for me. She got a whole bunch of clothes. I wore one of the shirts and the fall jacket on Saturday! So cute!

On Saturday, Katie and I spent the whole day wedding dress shopping - that will get its own post. :)

Sunday, Katie, Tom, Jeff, and I met up with Jeff's grandparents for lunch, which was really nice. Afterwards, we stopped up in their apartment, and Jeff's grandma gave me an amethyst necklace that one of Sidney's relatives had given her when they were in Isreal just after their wedding. It's really beautiful!

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