Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adam's Visit and Happy Hour @ The Mighty Pint

Last week, my friend Adam came to visit DC for a few days. He got in on Monday and came to stay with Jeff and me. I was pretty busy with work and school, but I was able to hang out at least a bit, which was fun.

On Wednesday, Adam and I met up with Stephanie for lunch - even though it was a very quick lunch close-by, we somehow got caught in a downpour, and Adam was soaked by the time we got home (I brought an umbrella!). Then he got a lecture from someone in my building on dryer etiquette (apparently you can't use the empty dryer unless all the washers are also empty.)

On Thursday, Adam joined us for our weekly Happy Hour. This week we went to the Mighty Pint - they had great deals - $3 draft beers, $1 pizza slices, and $2 tater tots. Lots of people were able to make it this week - Beth, Stephanie, Phil, Tommy, Ryan and his wife, and Al. And, Adam brought his new girlfriend, so we all got to meet her briefly.

After that, a few of us had dinner at Scion in Dupont Circle - it is a nice little restaurant, and the entrees were really reasonably priced. I shared a turkey and apple panini with Jeff - very tasty. Overall, great night!

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